Wednesday, July 9, 2008


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  1. Dragonball (may 05 2008)
  2. Dragonball Z (july16 2008)
  3. Dragonball GT (july 04 2008)
  4. Dragonballz Gameboy Advance (june 12 2008 )
  5. Dragonball movie(july 13 2008)
  6. DragonBall Z Movies and specials(july 19 2008)
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  1. Dragonball Z (june 27 2008)
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July 19 2008
DragonBall Z Movies added

July 16 2008
Dragonball z megaupload link added

July 16 2008
Bad News
This is the message I found got the site where dbz direct links where Hosted

"Well they finally got me! I have recieved notification from both my host and Funimation Entertainment that all of my Dragonball related episodes and movies must be removed asap. If they are not removed they will take legal action against me and I don't have the money or and real grounds to provide a propper counter argument. I am very sorry to you all but I will be taking the episodes down right away. "

As a result this section of the Dragonball Z direct link (only that section) (all other will be available )will not be available any more in this blog sorry guys.lets hope they won't send a notice to me.if they do i have to close this entire blog.

July 13 2008
Dragonball movie link added


Himanshu said...

Please can you told me a simpler thing to see thees amazing video of dragonballz it takes so much of time to download

jlo6687 said...

himanshu at this time there is no way i can suggest other than download . but within 2 weeks i will upload all the episode in its flv format which i belive will be available at size of 10-15mb . also i am going to introduce the Watch online

nandu said...

nandu said...

cool site.
it would be much simpler if the direct download link is given. and everybody could just copy it and paste it in the download section.
this badongo/mega upload takes much time.

in my area, we have a high internet usage rate. but a free time is alloted from 02:00 am to 08:00 am. i just click download and go to sleep. otherwise i can't afford to download it. so, i copy and paste the link in download accelerator and does the same for all links in a row. it is what i did for dragon ball z episodes.
when it comes for dragon ball & gt episodes, it is not good for me.
anyway, thankyou jlo.
would be nice if there are direct download.

nandu said...

i'm very damn sad about the dbz link. it is not fair. jlo6687, could u send me some link for dbz episodes and other episodes? if it is not possible through blog, my email id is i really wish i had downloaded the whole episodes. it makes me cry.

thankyou jlo.
thankyou very much.

Anonymous said...

Hye jlo you said that you will upload all the episode in flv format but you have not done it please jlo i beg to see those amasing movies and episode, i didn't get enough time at my home to surf to internet please upload all the episisode links in flv format or any other small format rather than those megaupload links,instead of this your previous links are much smaller

from your friend,

jlo6687 said...

earlier links where in rmvb .which was reported so it was removed. i am sorry i was not able to keep my word.
i will try to put flv links as soon as posible

Anonymous said...

Hey jlo6687
I cant get the links for dragonball z they were a little big but they were great are there anymore Links you have thanks.

This is a great blog for dbz fans The BEST BLOG. Thanks