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Bleach subbed

Bleach (TV)

Age rating:
Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)

Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Shounen, Supernatural

Plot Summary: Kurosaki Ichigo is a 15 year old boy that has an ability to see ghosts/spirits. Because of his ability, he is able to meet a female death god (a.k.a Shinigami) named Kuchiki Rukia. To save his family and friends from unwanted soul-eating spirits (Hollows), Rukia transfers her Shinigami powers to Ichigo. As Rukia takes on a human shell, together they solve mysteries involving spirits and hollows until from the spirit world comes 2 other shinigamis explaining that it is illegal to transfer Shinigami powers to humans and Rukia exceeded the time limit to stay in the human world. After they sentence her death for breaking the laws, Ichigo snaps and swears to everyone he will retrieve Rukia by breaking into the spirit world.

Serie / Title / Season 1: RMVB AVI
001 - The day I became a shinigami RMVB AVI
002 - A shinigami's work RMVB AVI
003 - The older brother's wish, the younger sister's wish RMVB AVI
004 - Cursed parakeet RMVB AVI
005 - Beat the invisible enemy! RMVB AVI
006 - Fight to the death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo RMVB AVI
007 - Greetings from a stuffed toy RMVB AVI
008 - June 17, a memory of rain RMVB AVI
009 - Unbeatable enemy RMVB AVI
010 - Assault on trip at sacred ground! RMVB AVI
011 - The legendary Quincy RMVB AVI
012 - A gentle right arm RMVB AVI
013 - Flower and Hollow RMVB AVI
014 - Back to back, a fight to the death! RMVB AVI
015 - Kon's great plan RMVB AVI
016 - Encounter: Abarai Renji! RMVB AVI
017 - Ichigo dies! RMVB AVI
018 - Reclaim! The power of the shinigami RMVB AVI
019 - Ichigo becomes a Hollow! RMVB AVI
020 - Ichimaru the silver shadow RMVB AVI
021 - Enter! The world of the shinigami RMVB AVI
022 - The man who hates Shinigamis RMVB AVI
023 - The sentence of Rukia, before the 14th day RMVB AVI
024 - Assemble! The 13 divisions RMVB AVI
025 - Penetrate the centre with an enormous bombshell? RMVB AVI
026 - Formation! The worst tag RMVB AVI

Serie / Title / Season 2: RMVB AVI
027 - Release the death blow! RMVB AVI
028 - Orihime is being targeted RMVB AVI
029 - Breakthrough! The Deathgods' Encompassing Net RMVB AVI
030 - Renji's Confrontation RMVB AVI
031 -The Resolution to Kill RMVB AVI
032 - Stars and the Stray RMVB AVI
033 - Miracle! The mysterious new hero RMVB AVI
034 - Tragedy of Dawn RMVB AVI
035 - Assassination of Aizen! The darkness which approaches RMVB AVI
036 - Zaraki Kenpachi approaches! RMVB AVI
037 - Reason of the Fist RMVB AVI
038 - Desperation! The brokened Zangetsu RMVB AVI
039 - The Man of Immortality RMVB AVI
040 - The Deathgod whom Ganju met RMVB AVI
041 - Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia RMVB AVI
042 - Yoruichi, God of Flash, dances! RMVB AVI
043 - The Despicable Shinigami RMVB AVI
044 - Ishida, Power of Limits! RMVB AVI
045 - Overcome the Limits! RMVB AVI
046 - Authentic Records! School of Shinigami RMVB AVI
047 - The Avengers RMVB AVI
048 - Hitsugaya roars! RMVB AVI
049 - Rukia's Nightmare RMVB AVI
050 - The Awakening Lion RMVB AVI
051 - Morning of the Sentence RMVB AVI
052 - Renji, Oath of the Soul!...... part 1
053 - Renji, Oath of the Soul!...... part 2

Serie / Title / Season 3: RMVB AVI
054 - An Accomplished Oath! Get back Rukia! RMVB AVI
055 - The Strongest Shinigami!..... RMVB AVI
056 - Supersonic Battle! Determine the Goddess of Chilvary RMVB AVI
057 - One thousand cherrry blossoms, crushed!..... RMVB AVI
058 - Unseal! The Black Blade, the Miraculous Power RMVB AVI
059 - Conclusion of the Death Match! White pride and black desire RMVB AVI
060 - Truth of Despair, the Dagger that has been Brandished RMVB AVI
061 - Aizen stands out! His Terrifying Ambition RMVB AVI
062 - Congress together! The Strongest Shinigami Organisation RMVB AVI
063 - Rukia's Resolution, Ichigo's Feelings RMVB AVI
064 - New School Term, Renji has come to the Material world?! RMVB AVI
065 - Creeping Terror, the Second Victim RMVB AVI
066 - Break Through! The Trap Hidden in the Labyrinth RMVB AVI
067 - Death Game! The Missing Classmate RMVB AVI
068 / 69 - True Identity of the Devil, the Secret which is Revealed RMVB AVI
070 - Return of Rukia! The Substitute Team Revival RMVB AVI
071 - The Moment of Collision! An Evil Hand Draws Near to.... RMVB AVI
072 - Water Attack! Escape from the Shutdown RMVB AVI
073-74 - Gathering of Bounts! The man who makes his move RMVB AVI
075-76 - Earth-Shattering Event at 11th Division! The Shinigami... RMVB AVI
077 - Vanishing Grudge! The Shinigami that Kenpachi cut down RMVB AVI
078 - Shocking Revelations for the Gotei 13 divisions!! RMVB AVI

Serie / Title / Season 4: RMVB AVI
079 - Yoshino's decision of death RMVB AVI
080 - Assault from a formidable enemy! A tiny final line.... RMVB AVI
081 - Hitsugaya moves! The Attack on the Street RMVB AVI
082 - Ichigo vs. Daruku! The Arrival of the Faded Darkness RMVB AVI
083 - Grey Shadow, the Secret of the Doll RMVB AVI
084-085 - Breaking Up of the Substitute Team? The Betrayal..... RMVB AVI
086 - Rangiku dances! Cut down the invisible enemy RMVB AVI
087 - Byakuya assembles! The Gotei 13 divisions make their move RMVB AVI
088 - Annihilation of the Vice-Captains!?.... RMVB AVI
089 - Rematch?! Ishida vs. Nemu RMVB AVI
090 - Renji Abarai, Bankai of the Soul! RMVB AVI
091 - Shinigami and Quincy, the Reviving Power RMVB AVI
092 - Invasion of the Shinigami World, Again! RMVB AVI
093 - The Bount Assault! The Gotei 13 of Destructive Earthquake RMVB AVI
094 - Hitsugaya's Decision! The Clash Approaches RMVB AVI
095 - Byakuya Takes the Field! Dance of the Wind-Splitting...... RMVB AVI
096 - Ichigo - Byakuya - Kariya, The Battle of the three extremes! RMVB AVI
097 - Hitsugaya Moves Out! Cut Down the enemy in the Forest RMVB AVI
098 - Clash! Zaraki Kenpachi vs. Ichinose Maki RMVB AVI
099 - Shinigami vs. Shinigami! The Uncontrollable Power RMVB AVI
100 - Soi Fong Dies? The Last of the Secret Mobile Corps RMVB AVI
101 - Mayuri's Bankai! Sawatari Clash of the Demon RMVB AVI
102 - The Last Quincy! The Exploding Power RMVB AVI
103 - Ishida, exceeding the limits to attack! RMVB AVI
104 - 10th Division's Death Struggle! The Release of Hyourinmaru RMVB AVI

Serie / Title / Season 5: RMVB AVI
105 - Kariya! Countdown to the Detonation RMVB AVI
106 - Life and Revenge! Ishida, the Ultimate Choice RMVB AVI
107 - The Swung-Down Edge! The Moment of Ruin RMVB AVI
108 - The Wailing Bount! The Last Clash RMVB AVI
109 - Ichigo and Rukia, Thoughts Revolving Around Heaven RMVB AVI
110 - Reopening of the Substitute Business! RMVB AVI
111 - Shock! The True Characters of the Fathers RMVB AVI
112 - The Commencement of War, the Vizards and the Arrancars RMVB AVI
113 - Prelude to the Apocalypse, The Arrancar's Attack RMVB AVI
114 - Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia RMVB AVI
115 - Mission! The Shinigami have Come RMVB AVI
116 - The Evil Eye, Aizen Again RMVB AVI
117 - Rukia's Battle Commences! The Freezing White Blade RMVB AVI
118 - Ikkaku's Final Release! The Power that Breaks Everything RMVB AVI
119 - Zaraki Division's Secret Story! The lucky men RMVB AVI
120 - Hitsugaya Scatters! The Broken Hyorinmaru RMVB AVI
121 - Clash! The Person Who Protects vs. The Person Who Suffers RMVB AVI
122 - Vizard! The power of the awakened RMVB AVI
123 - Ichigo, Complete Hollowification?! RMVB AVI
124 - Clash! The Black Bankai and the White Bankai RMVB AVI
125 - Urgent Report! Aizen's Terrifying Plan RMVB AVI
126 - Uryuu vs. Ryuuken! Clash of the Parent-Child Quincys RMVB AVI
127 - Urahara's Decision, Orihime's Thoughts RMVB AVI
128 - The Nightmare Arrancar! Team Hitsugaya moves out RMVB AVI
129 - The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary! RMVB AVI
130 - The Invisible Enemy! Hitsugaya's Merciless Decision RMVB AVI

Serie / Title / Season 6: RMVB AVI
131 - Rangiku's Tears, the Sorrowful Parting of Brother and Sister RMVB AVI
132 - Hitsugaya, Karin and Soccer Ball RMVB AVI
133 - Ikkaku's Hot-Blooded Kendo Tale RMVB AVI
134 - The Beautiful Patissier, Yumichika! RMVB AVI
135 - Kon is Deceived! Rangiku on the Lookout.. RMVB AVI
136 - Civil War in Hueco Mondo! Ulquiorra's death RMVB AVI
137 - The Malicious Battle, Aizen's Trap RMVB AVI
138 - Hueco Mondo moves again! Hitsugaya vs. Yammy RMVB AVI
139 - Ichigo vs. Grimmjow, the 11-second battle RMVB AVI
140 - Ulquiorra's Scheme, the Moment when the Sun Sets RMVB AVI
141 - Goodbye..., Kurosaki RMVB AVI
142 - Strict Order! The Forbidden Rescue of Inoue Orihime RMVB AVI
143 - Grimmjow's Revival RMVB AVI
144 - Ishida・Chad, the quickening of a new power RMVB AVI
145 - The Espada Gathers! Aizen's royal assembly RMVB AVI
146 - The Name is Nell! The appearance of..... RMVB AVI
147 - The Forest of Menos! The Search for.... RMVB AVI
148 - Acid, the Shinigami who came from the Past RMVB AVI
149 - Through the Crumbling Forest, a Million Menos RMVB AVI
150 - Oath! Back Here Alive Again RMVB AVI
151 - The Raging Storm! Encounter with the.... RMVB AVI
152 - Ichigo Strikes Back! This is my Bankai RMVB AVI
153 - The Devilish Research! Syazel Aporro's Plan RMVB AVI
154 - Rukia and Kaien, the Sorrowful Reunion RMVB AVI
155 - Rukia Retaliates! Release the Desperate Kidou RMVB AVI
156 - Ishida & Pesshe, the United Attack of Friendship? RMVB AVI
157 - Ishida's Trump Card, Seele Schneider RMVB AVI
158 - Right Arm of the Giant, Left Arm of the Devil RMVB AVI
159 - Sado Yasutora dies! Orihime's Tears RMVB AVI
160 - Testament - Your Heart is Right Here... RMVB AVI
161 - The Cruel Arrancar, Ulquiorra's Provocation RMVB AVI
162 - Syazel Aporro Laughs, the Net Trapping Renji is Complete RMVB AVI
163 - Shinigami and Quincy, the Battle with Madness RMVB AVI
164 - Ishida's Strategy, the 20-second Offense and Defense RMVB AVI
165 - The Murderous Intent Boils! The Joyful Grimmjow RMVB AVI
166 - Desperate Effort VS Desperate Effort! The Hollowized Ichigo RMVB AVI
167 - The Moment of Conclusion, the End of Grimmjow RMVB AVI
168 - The New Captain Appears! His Name Is Amagai Shuusuke RMVB AVI
169 - New Development, the Dangerous Transfer..... RMVB AVI
170 - Desperate Struggle Under The Moonlit Night, .... RMVB AVI
171 - Kenryu, the Profusion of Blooming Crimson.... RMVB AVI
172 - Kibune Goes to War! The Violent Wind that Rages RMVB AVI
173 - The Appearance of the Great Evil! RMVB AVI
174 - Break the Mirror's Boundary! Ichigo's Captivity RMVB AVI
175 - The Revenging Assassin, Ichigo is Targeted RMVB AVI
176 - Mystery! The Sword-Consuming Assassin *** RMVB AVI
177 - The Reversal of Rukia, the Rampaging Blade RMVB AVI
178 - The Nightmare Which is Shown, Ichigo's Inside the Mirror RMVB AVI
179 - Confrontation?! Amagai vs. Gotei 13 RMVB AVI
180 - The Princess Decision the Sorrowful Bride RMVB AVI
181 - The 2nd Division Sorties! Ichigo is Surrounded RMVB AVI

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